The ART OF LIVING CONSCIOUSLY: The Power of Awareness to Transform Everyday Life

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Living consciously means seeking to be aware of everything that bears on our actions, purposes, values, and goals – and behaving in accordance with that which we see and know. In The Art of Living Consciously, Dr. Nathaniel Branden takes us into new territory, exploring the actions of our minds when they are operating as our life and well-being require – and also when they are not. No other book illuminates so clearly what true mindfulness means in the workplace (what does it mean to work consciously?); in the arena of romantic love (what does it mean to love consciously?); in child-rearing (what does it mean to parent consciously?); and in the pursuit of personal development (what does it mean to participate consciously in the process of one’s own evolution?). One of the book’s most exciting ideas is that of “the spirituality or reason, ” which invites us to rethink our assumptions about both rationality and spirituality. The practice of living consciously invites us to rethink many of our beliefs about our everyday activities, about morality, about life in the Information Age, about God.

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